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Colegas que trabalham no escritório
Aperto de mão

Recruitment and  Selection Inclusive!
Try Me & Hire
Digital Nomads
Performance evaluation

We have everything you're looking for.


We are Global

Let's make everything more Simple for you. Let's go uncomplicate all the Process

With us, everything gets better #Leve-Leve.

Whether it be a Candidate looking for a Job and/or Training

One Company Looking for Candidates

One Company to offer one or several Temporary or fixed, remote or in loco

One Company or Institution who needs a Candidate Recruitment or Selection Plan, Employment Coaching

One  Recruiter from other areas and sectors of activity, or different locations

One Institution that needs Training Internal or a Personal Personal Development Plan, or of Teams

An organization seeking to apply or prepare a Complete and integrated Performance Evaluation System

Modernization of your Services

Or Consulting and Design or Project Management


#We are together!


Areas of expertise:
  • Recruitment and Selection (Public/Private)

  • training, formation

  • Developing people

  • Talent Management

  • headhunter

  • Remote Contracts - subcontracting

  • Recruitment Funnel

  • Remote payroll processing

  • Certifications and Accreditations

  • Skills Assessment

  • Integrated Performance Assessment

  • strategic HR

  • Payment of Salaries for Digital Nomads

  • Psychology Office

  • Coaching Employment

  • try me and hire

  • Rent a Person

  • Job Seeker

  • Onboarding/Outboarding

  • Custom Digital Product Development

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