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Dear Employers

Recruitment, training and selection have very high costs for your company, body or institution, both tangible and intangible.

It sounds simple enough to conduct interviews, draw up an employment contract, and add an employee to your payroll. However, employing workers can be more complex as they try to comply with all of their country's compliance laws.

Recruitment is a complicated task that requires a thorough understanding of applicable laws. For example, you can contact the references that a candidate provides in a resume or an application, but you can only request a medical examination if the type of work required for the position warrants such a request.


THE HR Leve Leve (owned by Academia Lookatmepro Unipessoal, Lda) can simplify the process. When working with us, we will hire employees on your behalf and assume the compliance risk for you.

If you are mainly recruiting recent graduates or students, you can use the form below or send us an email.

Most recruiters use job boards, company websites,networkingor newspaper advertisements to find candidates. Regarding recruitment on social networks, LinkedIn is the main option. Many recruiters also contact people directly, so you can do the same or work with a recruiter who can handle this communication on your behalf in a personalized and professional way with your intended description or exposure.


Whether you're recruiting for your company or working with a third party, knowing where to post your vacancies is critical.

At Rh Leve Leve You can publish here in Portuguese or any other language. You can advertise vacancies in any of these languages according to location and position. In general, the country (São Tomé and Príncipe) has a small labor market, very competitive positions and a workforce that is still poorly qualified in some sectors, but still varied.

Currently, our focus is strategically directed to the African Market and Diaspora.


However, this platform is not only limited to STeP or the African and Global Diaspora, that is, it also extends to any part of the world. Any country or company, public or private, can use our platform, as it is Global and visible all over the world.

To do this, simply fill in the form below, contact us so that we can establish a contract, for a financial amount adapted to each particular case and your needs.

If you just want to publish a Job Offer, you can also fill out the form or get in touch with us.This service is paid, given that there is a lot of work to be done to follow up on your request, namely publication, dissemination, contacts and management of applications, interviews, recruitment and selection...

Choose here the Payment Program you want.CLICK HERE.

We are here to serve you, lighten your workload and recruit the best staff or sought-after profiles for your company or institution, public or private, to help reduce costs, optimize services and increase productivity in less time.

We also provide Consulting, Training, Education, Coaching, Skills Certification, Performance Assessment, Talent Hunting, Psychological Monitoring, Design and Project Management services, among others...

All your data will be protected!

​ Don't worry. we do everything for you, with all responsibility, professionalism and according to your needs!

By subcontracting our services, you will optimize your activity, lighten your workload, reduce operating costs, increase your productivity and obtain more positive results in less time.

Thank you for your Trust!

We offer solutions for different types of contracts

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Fill in the form below and one of our recruiters will contact you to proceed with the process.

Thanks for sending!

We want to expand the potential of our students, technically, digitally and pedagogically qualify our teachers.

This partnership with Academia Lookatmepro comes at the right time to help us respond to this gap in the system. We are positive about the future!

Dr. Alzira Rodrigues - Vice-Rector of the USTP - University of São Tomé and Príncipe.

We need to qualify and update our employees in specific areas, namely Pedagogy, since the PNSTP has a Practical School and is very close to ordinary citizens, but also to strategic institutions on the ground. Training at the Lookatmepro Academy is an added value for our staff at all levels.

João Pedro Cravid - Commissioner at PNSTP - National Police of São Tomé and Principe.

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