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Our Job Is Helping People 

About Us

Our Services

  • Recruitment and Selection (Public/Private)

  • training, formation

  • Pedagogical Design

  • Developing people

  • Talent Management

  • headhunter

  • Skills Assessment

  • Payment of Salaries for Digital Nomads integrated (Global level - remote)

  • Remote Contracts - subcontracting

  • Onboarding/Outboarding

  • Recruitment Funnel

  • strategic HR

  • Psychology Office

  • Coaching Employment

  • try me and hire

  • Rent a Person

  • Job Seeker

  • Mobile Application

  • Document management

  • Tasks

  • Reports

  • Expenses

  • Automation

  • Digital signature

  • Facial recognition

  • Bank of Hours/Holidays/Timetables

  • Internal communication

  • Management of Salary Receipts

  • Skills

  • Performance evaluation

  • Internal training (inter and intra companies)

  • Accreditation and Certification of Entities

Our Process

Whether you are a Candidate for Temporary or Fixed Employment, or a Public or Private Employer,

in locoor remote, we are prepared to respond to your needs.

We will do everything to meet your expectations.

With us you will reduce costs and workload, increase your productivity and get better results in less time.

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Our Duty





State-of-the-art technology



Professionalism and Competence


Present Solutions

Continuous Improvement

Respect for Human Rights

Respect for law

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